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Our Story

Global Stage Hollywood is founded by entertainment industry veteran and former Warner Bros. executive Douglas Montgomery. Keeping up with the breakneck changes in Global Entertainment, "Global Stage Hollywood" aims to showcase new talent discoveries from all parts of the world.

The Team

Yumi Montgomery
Festival Director, Co-Founder
Yukiko Noda-Anderson
Asst. to Festival Director
Wes Mathur
Media Director
Yuka Saito
Assistant Executive Producer
Jade French
Director of Marketing
Tomoko Karina
Curation Team
Yoni Hirshberg
Director of Curation
Tania Apshankar
PR Leader
Carrie Wong
Social Media Director
Eleonora Romuva
Brian Wright
Executive Advisor
Hayato Mitsuishi
Executive Advisor
Daniel Roger Smith
Executive Creative Director
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